Open Your Online T-shirt Shop for FREE

Print and sell your own clothing without the usual overhead and business headaches.

Spreadshirt gives you several opportunities to make money or just wear some cool clothing based upon your creativity.

Spreadshirt is an online company where you can print your own designs on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jerseys, pants, shorts, underwear, tank tops, baby hats and bibs, cups, iPhone cases and more.  The list is of what you can print on is huge.

Create your own designs just the way you like them or browse the premade templates and personalize your apparel to fit your taste.


Spreadshirt also allows you to open your own clothing online store.   

Simply create a design, upload it and sell.  You handle the promotion; Spreadshirt takes care of the printing, shipping, payment and customer service.  You collect a profit.

Creating an online shop is free, intuitive, and in just a few hours you can have your own online clothing store selling cool designs you made, or other people’s designs.  The design marketplace has more than 200,000 community-created designs.  You can sell other peoples designs should you see something that fits your customer niche.  Different commission payouts are paid based upon if you created the design or someone else did.  You also have the opportunity to load your designs into the “Marketplace” where other people can sell your designs on their shirts.  So there is potential for another revenue stream with your catchy designs being available in other merchant’s stores.

If you’re more the type that likes to sell face to face you can do that as well.  As a shop owner you have the opportunity to buy product at a discounted rate.  Looking to make some money at a local market or kiosk?  Spreadshirt can print them up and ship them to you. You do the selling.  Great for small production runs where you don’t want the cost and expense of carrying inventory or storing hundreds of items.

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