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Freelance writing jobs and careers can be done online, in your spare time and as your schedule allows.  If you are a writer and author or want to be, here are sites that are looking for freelancers. advertises for writers constantly.  All Guides are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to work at the time that's best for them. is seeking experienced, talented freelance writers to work on an as-needed, project-by-project basis. We are particularly interested in generalists with exceptional research skills and specialists who are comfortable writing outside their fields.

Ezine Articles Submission  Submit your high-quality, original articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website.

Real Writing Jobs! Start getting paid to write articles and blog posts.

Remilon  You can work from anywhere, day or night, as long as you provide your own computer and internet access.

Squidoo you can write a page. A single webpage, focused on a single topic.  Then you can build another page. And another one. And another. Each page on a different interest. Tell a story, recommend a product you love, share an experience you had, teach someone something, pay tribute to a person you admire (an author, band, your mom... ) and so much more.

HubPages  On HubPages you earn money through online advertising (Google AdSense and the HubPages Ad Program) and/or affiliate referrals (displayed in the form of Amazon and eBay Capsules). Every time someone views one of your Hubs, we display ads. 60% of the time, these ads can generate revenue for you, and 40% of the time, the ads can generate revenue for HubPages. We make it easy for you to sign up for all of these!

Triond Triond is like blogging, only awesome. Your writing gets published on existing websites with a wide audience. You get read, get paid and make friends!


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