Take Action and Succeed

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Author Agatha Christie 

Create Your Own Future Create Your Own Future
(270-page hard-cover book) How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success In this fast-moving book, full of practical, proven strategies and techniques for greater achievement, Brian Tracy explains the 12 factors that underlie success in every field.

Flight Plan Flight Plan
The Real Secret of Success! Learn how to achieve more, faster than you ever dreamed possible. Flight Plan shows you how to chart your course to greater achievement, happiness and personal fulfillment.

Focal Point Personal Telecoaching Focal Point Personal Telecoaching

Getting Rich Your Own Way Getting Rich Your Own Way
Achieve all your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible with this comprehensive wealth building book. From start to finish you'll learn real-world principals for achieving the financial independence you've been dreaming of--no matter what you do or how little you have in the bank. And to further demonstrate the power of these principals, you'll read real stories from people who started with nothing...but by using these same ideas took their wealth to incredible heights. Read how to accumulate and protect your wealth over the long term, and create a personal network of values and beliefs that support lasting success.

Men's best successes come after their disappointments. Author -Henry Ward Beecher

There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way. Author - Christopher Morley

How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turn Around Any Business Home Study Course How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turn Around Any Business Home Study Course
Learn how to turn your business into a high-profit machine with this comprehensive manual on business success! You will see a dramatic difference in every area of your business if you follow-through on everything you read in this manual. With over 120 pages of tips, plus 16 CDs filled with my best business strategies, this program is a must-have for all small to medium sized companies.

Maximum Achievement Maximum Achievement
Find out why some people are more successful than others in this book! Read the highlights from my 25-year quest to understand why some people achieve more than others. While some people sit and daydream, others are busy making all their dreams come true...and after reading, you can too! If you want to make something of your life*this book will show you how to do it faster than you ever imagined!

Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there! Author - Will Rogers 

The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it. - Author unknown

Achieving Work-Life Balance Achieving Work-Life Balance
"Get Your Life in Balance -- Learn the Secrets of Happiness" Learn how you can get more done, feel less stressed and work smarter! Top performers know that the key to happiness and productivity is a balanced lifestyle. In this program I'll teach you how to make sure your work stays at the office and that your family relationships are better than ever. Achieving Work-Life Balance is a key to achieving a happy and fulfilling life!

21 Great Ways to Build a High Profit Business 21 Great Ways to Build a High Profit Business
Jump-start your profits and run an exceptionally successful business! This program packs 21 of the most powerful methods for rapid profit improvement known to the business world. Learn how to join top companies in your industry and help your staff perform better than ever. Rapidly increase sales, cut costs and boost profits with this incredible program!

21 Great Ways to Start and Build Your Own Successful Business 21 Great Ways to Start and Build Your Own Successful Business
Increase your profits, cut costs and make more sales faster than you ever imagined. This program is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to opening and operating a successful business. Have your company surpass the competition in any market! Learn how to run your business the right way and see your profits soar.

21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Book 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Book
How to Achieve Financial Independence Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible In this fast-moving book, based on Brian Tracy's many years of research and experience, including going from broke to being a self-made millionaire himself. Brian shows you, step-by-step, how to: Dream big dreams Set clear goals Organize your priorities Increase your value Identify your special talents and skills Focus your energies Channel your abilities Accomplish more in a few months or years than many people accomplish in a lifetime!

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement
This is Life's Missing Instruction Manual. Understand the secrets of suchttp://www.briantracy.com/adminhome/products/editproduct.aspx?productid=30&a=1cess, wealth, happiness and achievement in this program. With 8-CDs and nearly 10 hours of information and content, this is one of the most comprehensive success programs I've ever made. Learn these laws and you will become a better, stronger and more successful person.

Financial Freedom Training Package Financial Freedom Training Package
"Set Yourself Up For Personal, Professional and Financial Greatness in 2009!" I've discovered the secrets on how to become a millionaire - and I want to share them with you! Learn exactly how millionaires have made their fortunes so that you can apply it to your own life. I started with nothing, and now have millions to my name... and you can do it too!

Business Start Up Success Made Simple Business Start Up Success Made Simple
*Business Start-Up Success Made Simple* is a brand-new product I*ve designed to show you exactly how build your business the right way the FIRST time so you fast track your success and, most importantly, enjoy your business and your life.

Get Out of Debt Now! Get Out of Debt Now!
Be on your way to Financial Freedom faster than you ever imagined! This program is full of proven and effective strategies to take your finances to the next level. In just one hour, you'll learn how to build and maintain your wealth and get out of debt. Get your finances under complete control-starting today!

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